The NorthEast Energy Designs & Solutions (NEEDS™) team has the resources to assist our clients in all areas of energy efficiency, demand management and renewables. Our services are design to take clients form A to Z in the energy arena. Whether the facility is new construction or an existing building or home, we offer the services to ensure that you can attain the highest levels of energy efficiency. We can provide the guidance necessary to attain LEED and Energy Star ratings if desired.

  • Energy Consultation:  This full service process begins with a comprehensive audit and culminates the development of a Holistic Energy & Sustainability Strategy (HESS). It will include the energy analysis and financials to make an informed decision. Our 5 step program includes:
  • -Goal Setting
    -Audit and Data Gathering
    -Financial Preparation and Review
    -Implementation Plan and Execution
    -Public Relations

  • Sustainable Energy Implementation:  Often the 4th step in NEEDS ™ five step process, this includes all aspects for going from the initial plan to a smooth and successful conclusion.

  • Efficiency Programs: These programs are generally more limited in scope, i.e., lighting only, and are focused on the “low hanging fruit” of the project. They tend to have a very attractive payback period and take advantage of the state and utility funded programs.

  • Renewable Energy Sources:  These are without a doubt some of the most complex decisions towards energy efficiency. We must first determine what type of renewable energy makes the most sense for the site which could include Solar Photovoltaics (PV), Solar Thermal, Wind and / or Fuel Cell. We will also look at Geothermal as an efficiency measure in this program.  Once the options have been reviewed, a financial overview for each will be prepared to illustrate the benefits of all incentive and tax credits.